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We are MONOLIF — We specialise indesigning & building custom websites thatpropel startups online promptly, effortlessly,and with sophistication.

Guided by your objectives and our creativecuriosity, we create an online presencethat's one-of-a-kind, memorable, and atestament to your innovative ethos.

We're a compact creative studio with a big focus - crafting stunning websites and unforgettable digital experiences.

Our designs capture the essence of our clients' brands and resonate deeply with their audiences. We're all about making your online presence as unique and innovative as you.

Our Studio& Services

Passionate about doing good work and challenge the norm, our purposefully small, micro-studio maintains a lean and agile structure that empowers us to adapt and employ specialized knowledge as needed for each project, ensuring that we remain flexible and exploratory.

Our inherently agile approach is especially suited for startups and entrepreneurs navigating pivotal stages in their journey. We collaborate closely with them to transform their digital presence into a manifestation of their objectives, principles, and mission.

Services & Capabilities

  • Website Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Apps & User Interface
  • Interaction Design
  • Art & Creative Direction
  • Product Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Visual Identity

— Put simply, we work with those wanting and willing to push the boundaries, and challenge the norm. We craft websites and apps that are based within goals and deliverables, but with the creative lid off.

Selected Work& Case Studies

Our collaboration with clients results in standout websites. Each project is a unique fusion of ideas, creativity, and business objectives, culminating in a digital presence that drives growth.

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Benefits& Pricing

The mystery and complexity often associated with web design pricing can be a hurdle for startups. We've simplified this with our straightforward price-per-page approach. No hidden costs, no surprises - just a clear, upfront quote that lets you plan your budget with confidence.

BenefitsRight Down Arrow Icon
  • Know the price right from the get go. Icon
    Know the price right from the get go.
  • Turn-key websites without any fuss. Icon
    Turn-key websites without any fuss.
    02.Hassle Free
  • Completely custom & beautifully designed. Icon
    Completely custom & beautifully designed.
  • Get started as quickly as you want. Icon
    Get started as quickly as you want.
  • Start with few, and add more later. Icon
    Start with few, and add more later.
  • Don’t waste time in multiple meetings. Icon
    Don’t waste time in multiple meetings.
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Choose deliverables
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Questions& Testimonials

Embarking on a web design project can prompt many questions. It's a crucial step for your startup, and we're committed to transparency. Our goal is to provide all the information you need, ensuring you're confident and ready to make a decision that truly benefits your business.

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Short Answer

Around 5-10 days. Design and build: 15-20 days.

Long Answer

Timeline depends heavily on multiple factors. Such as number of pages, whether there is an existing brand or we have to create one, size of pages, content, considerations, etc. An average website takes us up to 10 days to design, and another 10 days ontop of that to build.

Short Answer

Strategy Call > Wireframes & Userflows > Feedback > Website Design > Confirmation > Build > Launch.

Long Answer

Our process is one with constant communication built in. We believe that keeping you in the loop as we progress allows us to confirm our thoughts/direction or allow us to pivot/change direction smoothly. Rather than rounds of iterations, we aim to get things right through small nudges, not large shifts. Once we are happy with the final designs, we hand them over to the creative developers to build the website and work closely with them to include any small details and interactions.

Short Answer

It's the full package - from the initial concept, through design and development, to the launch pad.

Long Answer

Our all-in-one service is like your favorite Swiss Army knife – it has everything you need for your digital journey. We start with a seed - the idea, then we nurture it through the design process, where it sprouts into a visual feast. Development is where we put down roots, coding your site to life. And when it's time, we help it bloom online for the world to see. You get a turnkey solution: a beautifully designed, fully functional website ready to enchant your visitors.

Short Answer


Long Answer

Of course. It's what we do. But if you do not have a brand, we can make you one too.

Short Answer


Long Answer

A website isn't built for the modern world if it is not built to work on multiple devices. From the ultra-wide, largest monitors down to small mobile screens, we make sure the website is designed and built to not just look good on all sizes but function correctly, too.

Short Answer

We provide a sliding scale - depending on your needs!

Long Answer

When we design, we also provide content direction where needed. So you get an idea of what is needed and where. However, if you want to use our copy as a final, we typically advise bringing in a content writer. Luckily, we have plenty of contacts and can bring them in as needed!

Short Answer

The launch of your site isn't the end of our partnership. If you need us, we are just an email or DM away.

Long Answer

Post-launch, we provide bug support and creative suggestions for any decisions you may make, such as social sharing, content strategy, etc. If you later discover you want more pages, accompanying assets, or another website for another company/idea, we are happy to help!

"Working with Kieran and MONOLIF was a complete joy. Not only did he bring to your startup an incredible eye with impeccable taste, but also an uncompromising work ethic that went well beyond the brief. In short, he’s an indispensable team member from start to finish. Can’t wait to work with him again. "

Jack BurkeFounder & CEO of RINkL

"Kieran and his studio took the time to fully understand us, our product, our current issues, and what we were hoping to achieve so that he could deliver results that were aligned with our objective. Not only that, but he also made the entire process as effortless and straightforward as possible, allowing us to focus on everything else we needed to do."

Richard KennedyFounder & CEO of Arken

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